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[WINDOWS] Seven Kingdoms -Ancient Adversaries- Robann10
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 [WINDOWS] Seven Kingdoms -Ancient Adversaries-

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PostSubject: [WINDOWS] Seven Kingdoms -Ancient Adversaries-   [WINDOWS] Seven Kingdoms -Ancient Adversaries- Icon_minitimeThu 28 Apr - 1:06

[WINDOWS] Seven Kingdoms -Ancient Adversaries- 7k12510 [WINDOWS] Seven Kingdoms -Ancient Adversaries- Seven_13 [WINDOWS] Seven Kingdoms -Ancient Adversaries- Seven_12 [WINDOWS] Seven Kingdoms -Ancient Adversaries- Seven_15[WINDOWS] Seven Kingdoms -Ancient Adversaries- Seven_16

Developer(s): Enlight
Publisher(s): Interactive Magic
Designer(s): Trevor Chan
Platform(s): Windows, Linux
Release date(s): 1997 et 1998(ancient adversaries)
Latest release: 2011
Genre(s): Real-time strategy (Age of empires like)
Mode(s): Solo / multiplayer
Price: Now Free!!! :http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/sevenkingdoms/Download Seven Kingdoms
"Not to confuse with Seven Kingdoms: Conquest!"

How to play 7k Online? It's easy, Join the 7k community on http://www.7kmultiplayer.com/
install Game Ranger and host your own network.
Compatibility: All windows.

Gameplay :
Real-time empire building and conquest; 10 cultures, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses; 15 scenarios offer unique challenges for beginners and veterans alike plus pre-built scenarios as well as random map generator for unlimited gameplay; customizable options set your own goals for preferred style of play; sophisticated trade and diplomatic options, plus espionage and counter-espionage; three terrain sets, including badlands and snow terrain; fantastic monsters and greater beings, including the Indians' Djinni, Egyptians' Isis and more; pause game to issue orders, manage tactical combat and assess status; multiplayer option: up to seven players via modern, lan serial or the internet.
Full game download on http://www.7kmultiplayer.com/downloads/7kfull2132.rar

Play on game ranger: www.gameranger.com.

Or play on hamachi:

1) Download Hamachi and join a network (for exemple "7K Online » pw: « multi »)
Link: https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi2/download.aspx
2) On hamachi :
Right click on the player that hosts the game and copy ip.
3) Host or join a game :
Multiplayer  New game  TCP/IP Create or Join(paste ip)
4) Choose you civilisation and colour.
The host has to set : the map size, starting treasure, events, number of computer ennemies…

If you encounter issues on windows vista or win7, right clickproprieties-->compatibility mode win98 or winXP


Gamespot.com: "It is one of the best strategy games of the year and deserves more attention than it is liable to get."
Gamespot score: 9/10
Player reviews:
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[WINDOWS] Seven Kingdoms -Ancient Adversaries-

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