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RetrOnline Concept! (English) Robann10
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 RetrOnline Concept! (English)

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PostSubject: RetrOnline Concept! (English)   RetrOnline Concept! (English) Icon_minitimeFri 5 Nov - 4:40

RetrOnline Concept! (English) Retron11

RetrOnline Concept! (English) FlagEN Hi there! And welcome to RetrOnline! cheers

I just would like to inform you that it's now possible and easy to play good old multiplayer games online with just a PC!

Supported games:

-PC (DOS/Windows)
-Amstrad/Schneider CPC
-ZX Spectrum
-Atari 8-bit
-Amiga (via AmigaOnline)
-Super Nintendo
-Nintendo 64
-Nintendo NES
-Game Boy
-Sega Genesis
-Sega Master System
-Game Gear
-Sony PlayStation
-SNK Neo-Geo
-And multi platform free games (freeware/open-source...)

More systems will probably be added later Wink

With RetrOnline, no more technical skills required! (forget router setup and ports forwarding!). It's now really easy to play multiplayer games online with your friends!

Period: 1980-2005 (may be updated later).
To improve this project, we need more players, more games testers, and motivated members! Smile

Get ready for this amazing adventure! Very Happy

RetrOnline Concept! (English) Big-ba10

RetrOnline Concept! (English) Star_b10 System Requirements

-A PC/MAC with Windows (2K/XP/Vista or 7) or Linux (via Wine). May work on other systems via PC emulators
-A keyboard
-A mouse
-A reliable internet connection

RetrOnline Concept! (English) Comput10

RetrOnline Concept! (English) Star_b10 The forum
  • Registration and introduction

    If you wish to play old games online, please register and introduce yourself!
    >Registration: Click HERE!
    >Introduction: Click HERE!
    Don't forget to add your favorite games during your introduction Smile

  • VIP Members

    Once your registration & introduction are complete, all forum features will be enabled, you will be able to contact other players and to join some gaming networks! Smile
    In fact, you will become a RetrOnline VIP Member, always reachable thanks to the players list! queen

    To retain this status and to keep in contact with current & future players, please make sure that you use a valid email address and that you read your messages regularly (Emails/Private Messages) Wink

  • Games & Players List

    Thanks to the RetrOnline Players List, you may now find players very quickly & easily! Only VIP Members are listed here.
    Add your favorite old games to this list during your introduction. The most appreciated games will be tested online as a priority Smile

  • RetroPacks

    Of course to play online, you need to own your favorite games! Otherwise you may download some RetroPacks (Sharewares, Demos, Freewares...) and find players via the RetrOnline Players List Wink
    For copyright reasons, we don't provide full games.

  • Discussion Zone

    You may talk about your favorite games and find more infos about old games in our Discussion Zone. This zone is in fact a real Participative Forum wherein you may add your own topics (with some games infos, patches, tutorials...)!
RetrOnline Concept! (English) Fiber15
RetrOnline Concept! (English) Star_b10 Software

LogMeIn Hamachi: https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/download.aspx

This free software is able to establish a link between all players.
The technology used here is able to make you play with many internet users some excellent games that should be known by everyone. Smile
Of course it's possible to play using other softwares & methods too (Tunngle, GameRanger...)

RetrOnline Concept! (English) FlashingPC

RetrOnline Concept! (English) Star_b10 Gaming Networks & Servers

The access is free & permanent! (24/7)
In the RetrOnline Players List, all games with the RetrOnline Concept! (English) Hamach15 symbol are concerned Smile
Just click this icon to display the login informations!

Some basic rules to make this gaming experience enjoyable for everyone:

1.Please log off when you are not ready to play or not in front of your computer!
2.If you want to leave a network for a long period of time, right click on the network name/"Leave Network"
3.Inactive accounts/members can be removed from a network at any time and without warning.

RetrOnline Concept! (English) World11

RetrOnline Concept! (English) Star_b10 RetrOnline Hamachi Network
(for Games Testers & motivated members only)

Server (Network ID): RetrOnline
Password: RetrOnline

Before joining this Hamachi network, don't forget to:
-Introduce yourself on RetrOnline Forum
-Inform me that you want to join this Hamachi network (via Mail: RetrOnline@hotmail.fr/Forum/PM: RetrOnline (Admin))
Inactive accounts/members can be moved to a temporary waiting zone.
Experienced VIP Members will always have priority access to this network Wink

RetrOnline Concept! (English) Animat12

RetrOnline Concept! (English) Star_b10 Some compatible games

Click HERE to display a list of a few supported titles!

RetrOnline Concept! (English) Images10

RetrOnline Concept! (English) Worldm11
RetrOnline Concept! (English) Worldh10RetrOnline Concept! (English) Worldw10RetrOnline Concept! (English) Worldc11RetrOnline Concept! (English) Worldg11
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RetrOnline Concept! (English)

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