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[MULTI] Smokin' Guns Robann10
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 [MULTI] Smokin' Guns

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PostSubject: [MULTI] Smokin' Guns   [MULTI] Smokin' Guns Icon_minitimeSat 21 May - 1:47

[MULTI] Smokin' Guns Smokin10

Possible download sites:

Official RetrOnline Server: Hamachi Server
Server (Network ID): RetrOnline_SmokinGuns
Password: RetrOnline_SmokinGuns
Access: Permanent (24/7)

Compatibility with VPN Clients (Hamachi, Tunngle...):

Game behavior with a bad connection reliability (high ping level, distance):
Good/Try to avoid high ping levels.

[MULTI] Smokin' Guns Red-ar12 Feel free to post a message if:
-> you really like this game
-> you want to share some good ideas
-> you want to organize a game/tournament later
-> you want to see the hidden informations/tutorials
-> you want to encourage other players to join the gaming networks
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[MULTI] Smokin' Guns

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