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 Hello, fellow players.

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PostSubject: Hello, fellow players.   Sat 24 Dec - 10:30

Hi everyone. I'm ARMofORION (please, just call me Orion or ARM, either doesn't matter to me)
I'm male, 15 (Oh, I hear you in the background. Don't complain, please)
I live in Trivoli, IL. And my favorite games are Dungeon Keeper 2, Killing Floor, Spore, Lost Planet 2.....Basically, I'm a shooter/strategy kind of person.
I am in the process of making maps in DK2 (Although, I could use some help with the scripts.)
That is all.
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PostSubject: Re: Hello, fellow players.   Sat 24 Dec - 10:41

Hi Orion, and welcome there! Very Happy

You'll be able to join the Dungeon Keeper 2 network in a few minutes (check your PM for more infos) Basketball

Welcome to...

And thanks for joining us! Very Happy
All forum features are now enabled.

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...and many more!
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1. Have a look at the RetrOnline Players List as often as possible
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You will be notified by email each time you will receive a Private Message (usually to play some of your favorite games online). Update your RetrOnline profile if you need to change you personal email address later. In everyone's interest, totally unreachable members will lose their VIP status and may be removed from the players list at any time
3. Read the new members introductions and have a look at their favorite games, it's usually a good way to find very motivated players
4. Join an existing RetrOnline gaming network (More infos in the game topic)
Looking for new players may sometimes take time. Please be patient!

•If you wish to add more favorite games to the players list, it's HERE ! (only for current VIP Members)

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geek Have fun! geek
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Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: Hello, fellow players.   Sat 24 Dec - 10:44

Thanks kindly cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Hello, fellow players.   

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Hello, fellow players.

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