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 Games Compatibility List (frequent updates!)

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PostSubject: Games Compatibility List (frequent updates!)   Fri 10 Sep - 13:50

Games Compatibility List
(Work In Progress / Frequent Updates)


Big Red Racing (Racing)

Blood (FPS)

Constructor (Strategy)  

Descent (FPS)

Descent 2 (FPS)

Doom (FPS)

Duke Nukem 3D (FPS)

Heretic (FPS)

Hexen (FPS)

Quake (FPS)

Shadow Warrior (FPS)

Terminal Velocity (Simulation)

Z (Strategy)

PC (Windows)

1nsane (Racing)

Age of Empires (Strategy)
Age of Empires 2 -The Age of Kings- (Strategy)

Age of Empires 2 -The Conquerors- (Strategy)

Aliens versus Predator 2 (Action)
Battlefield 1942 (FPS)

Battlezone (Action)

Battlezone II -Combat Commander- (Action)

Call of Duty (FPS)

Call of Duty 2 (FPS)
Capitalism 2 (Management)

Command & Conquer (Strategy)
Command & Conquer -Renegade- (FPS)

Command & Conquer -Tiberian Sun- (Strategy)

Cossacks -Back to War- (Strategy)

Cossacks -European Wars- (Strategy)

Cossacks -The Art of War- (Strategy)
Descent 3 (FPS)

Diablo 2 (RPG)

Dune 2000 (Strategy)

Dungeon Keeper 2 (Strategy)

Earth 2160 (Strategy)

Empire Earth (Strategy)

Empires -Dawn of the Modern World- (Strategy)
Halo (FPS)

Monster Truck Madness (Racing)

Moonbase Commander (Strategy)

Need for Speed -High Stakes- (Driving)

No One Lives Forever 2 (FPS)

Painkiller (FPS)
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Posts : 1208
Join date : 2010-09-06
Location : France

PostSubject: Re: Games Compatibility List (frequent updates!)   Thu 15 Dec - 0:49

Populous 3 (Strategy)

Primitive Wars (Strategy)
Rails Across America (Strategy)
Red Baron 3D (Simulation)
Serious Sam -The First Encounter- (FPS)
Serious Sam II (FPS)

Seven Kingdoms -Ancient Adversaries- (Strategy)

Shogo -Mobile Armor Division- (FPS)
Sid Meier's CivNet (Strategy)

Star Wars Battlefront (FPS)

Starcraft (Strategy)

Street Wars (Strategy)

The Corporate Machine (Strategy)

Theme Hospital (Strategy)

Total Annihilation (Strategy)

Unreal Tournament (FPS)

Warzone 2100 (Strategy)

Commodore Amiga

Air Taxi (Action-Spatial)
Alcatraz (Action-Strategy)

Another World (Action-Platformer)

Alien Breed (Action)

ATR -All Terrain Racing- (Racing Game)

Bagitman (Platformer)
Ballistix (Action)
Battle Squadron (Shoot'em Up)

BiPlanes (Action)
BlitzBombers (Action)

Body Blows (Combat)

Brutal Homicide (Action-Maze)

Captain Fizz (Action)
Cold Blooded Murder (Action)
Dogfight (Action)
Doody (Action)
Dyna Blaster (Action)

Emerald Mine (Action-Maze)
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters (Shooter)

Fire Power (Action)
Footman (Action)
Gloom Deluxe (Action-3D)
Gravity Force 2 (Action-Spatial)
Hot Rod (Racing Game)
Hybris (Shoot'em Up)

Ikari Warriors (Action)
Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road (Racing Game)

Jaguar XJ220 (Driving)

Lamborghini American Challenge (Driving)
Lemmings (Reflexion)
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Driving)
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (Driving)

Magic Pockets (Platformer)

Marble Madness (Action)

Master Blaster (Action)
Megatron 2 (Arcade)
Midnight Resistance (Run and gun)
MineRunner (Platformer)
Monsters Of Terror (Action)
Moonstone -A Hard Days Knight- (Strategy-Fight-Role)

Naughty Ones (Platformer)
Nitro (Racing Game)

North & South (Strategy-Action)
Pang (Action-Reflexion)

Parasol Stars (Platformer)
Pinball Dreams (Arcade-Pinball)
Pong (Action-Sport)
Ports Of Call (Simulation-Management)

Prince Of Persia (Action-Platformer)

Qwak (Platformer)
R3 (Action-Spatial)
Rick Dangerous (Action-Platformer)

Sensible World of Soccer (Sport)
SkyChase (Action-Simulation)
Speedball 2 -Brutal Deluxe- (Sport)
Stunt Car Racer (Driving)

Super Tennis Champs (Sport)
Tankkk (Action)
Tanx 'n' Stuff (Action)
The Chaos Engine (Action)

The Settlers (Strategy-Management)

Transplant (Action-Spatial)

Tritus (Action-Reflexion)
Turbo Raketti (Action-Spatial)
Wings (Action-Simulation)


Bomb Mania (Arcade)

Bubble Bobble (Platformer)

C'est la Vie! (Board Game)
La Roue de la Fortune (Quiz)
North and South (Action-Strategy)

Pitstop 2 (Driving)

Rodland (Platformer)

Spy vs Spy 2 (Strategy)
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Posts : 1208
Join date : 2010-09-06
Location : France

PostSubject: Re: Games Compatibility List (frequent updates!)   Sat 18 Feb - 10:48

Work In Progress (PC) (testers needed!):

Advanced Tactical Fighters
Alien Trilogy
American Conquest
Alien VS Predator
Assault Rigs
Battle Realms
Battlefield Vietnam
Business Tycoon
Call to Power II
Carmageddon 2
Civilization -Call to Power-
Civilization 2
Civilization III
Combat Flight Simulator
Command & Conquer
Conquest -Frontier Wars-
Death Rally
Doom 3
Dungeon Keeper
Earth 2150
Emperor -Battle for Dune-
Excessive Speed
Master Of Orion 2
Medal Of Honor -Allied Assault-
Midtown Madness
Monopoly Tycoon
Quake 2
Railroad Tycoon 3
Rainbow Six -Rogue Spear-
Risk 2
Take No Prisoners
The Guild 2
Z -Steel Soldiers-

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= Maximum number of players
= Game Video
= Game Review
= Download RetroPack (Online Package-Shareware/Demo/Freeware)
= Game Topic (in English)
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= Official Network or Server - Click for more infos
= Configuration File (Settings)
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Work In Progress: This game is currently tested for online use (testers needed!)
Not Working-Bad: Looking for a workaround

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PostSubject: Re: Games Compatibility List (frequent updates!)   

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Games Compatibility List (frequent updates!)

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